Refrigerant selection skills, see which is more suitable?

The choice of refrigerant is a more complicated technical and economic problem. There are many factors to be considered.

1. Consider the requirements of environmental protection. Choose refrigerants that comply with national environmental regulations.

2. Consider the requirements of refrigeration temperature. According to different refrigerant temperature and cooling conditions, choose high temperature (low pressure), medium temperature (medium pressure), low temperature (high pressure) refrigerant. Generally, the standard evaporation temperature of the selected refrigerant is 10 ℃ lower than the refrigeration temperature. The selection of refrigerant should also consider the cooling conditions of the refrigeration device, the use environment, etc. The condensing pressure in operation shall not exceed the specified value of the safe use conditions of the compressor. The air outside the car can only be used as the cooling medium for the automobile air conditioner, and the influencing factors such as air temperature, wind speed, solar radiation and thermal radiation are all changing frequently. Its operating conditions determine that it can only choose high temperature (low pressure) refrigerant. In the past, R12 was used, and R134a was mostly used when sending documents.

3. Consider the nature of refrigerant. According to the thermodynamic, physical and chemical properties of refrigerants, the refrigerants without poison, explosion and combustion shall be selected; the refrigerants selected shall have good heat transfer, small resistance and good compatibility with the materials used in the refrigeration system.

4. Consider the type of compressor. The working principle of different refrigeration compressors is different. The volume compressor improves its pressure by reducing the volume of refrigerant vapor. Generally, the refrigerant with large refrigerating capacity per unit volume is selected, such as R134a, R22, etc. There are many kinds of refrigerants. With the progress of science and technology, new refrigerants are emerging to adapt to different refrigeration devices.

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